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About Us

Henry Fletcher, Guide

I am interested in landscape foraging (verb – to search) as a way of connecting to, and exploring the many nuanced tastes, textures, patterns and colours that fluctuate throughout the landscape all year round. The diversity and space of a wild landscape can offer an amazing amount of nutritional and psychological sustenance, something our ancestors took for granted but which is increasingly being rediscovered.

We have set up this site to provide creative activities that will introduce you to some of the tactile, visceral pleasures of spending time on the land, close to rich heritage, tradition and creative energy. In so doing, we welcome you to a new way of feeling and understanding the landscape/seascape.


Tanja Geis, artist / support

I grew up in Hong Kong, am half Chinese and half German. As a practicing artist I am exploring how creativity can help us engage with environment and community. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Yale University and a Masters in Resource Management from the University of Akureyri in Iceland. Aside from the arts I am involved in research on how arts practices can offer a alternative process of problem-solving for community-based environmental resource management. I believe that by interacting with place and community more imaginatively, poetically, and experientially, we are rewarded with a deeper, more complex appreciation of our relationship to environment. I have traveled extensively in five continents and have had the good fortune to be involved in various international interactive and community-engaged art projects; I look forward bringing some of the joy and enrichment of these experiences to your trips with us.


Simon Graham, photographs

Simon Graham has very generously allowed us to use some of his stunning photography on the website. He runs pike fishing tours in Finland. For more information on his tour service, visit him at

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